Clarity Espresso

Wokefield Park, Reading

Clarity Espresso is a fast paced morning geared at giving you short and powerful development sessions to enable you to improve your impact and influence.

During four 45 minute group sessions led by inspirational speakers from the Clarity team, you will have the chance to learn more about what impacts team and individual behaviours and how this can affect performance.

As you rotate through each of the sessions, you will get 4 different shots from the main cornerstones of the Clarity offering.

Effective communication skills are fundamental to success of many aspects of life. It improves your productivity & quality of your relationships. We share the skills that enable you to handle difficult conversations and negotiations to achieve a positive outcome.

Lack of accountability can be one of the most frustrating aspects of working. How do you create a culture of accountability? Learn how to enable your team to take ownership for their actions and enjoy collective success

Change is stressful and exciting. How you handle it can define you and your success Understand the impact of change and steps to implement changes smoothly with lasting benefits.

How you connect with people affects your ability to motivate & influence others Learn how to make an impact at work and in your personal life.


  • 08.30 Meet & coffee
  • 09.00 Welcome plenary
  • 09.15 Espresso #1
  • 10:05 Espresso #2
  • 10:50 Break
  • 11:15 Espresso #3
  • 12:05 Espresso #4
  • 12:50 Closing plenary

Jacqui Smith

Executive Assessment, Business Coach & Talent Development Coach

Jacqui is an engaging, creative coach and experienced trainer. She combines 16 years of sound commercial experience with a passion for both developing individuals and helping them to consistently achieve fulfilling results. Jacqui first worked as a Management Consultant before joining Unilever. She specialised in employee relations, union negotiations, training and development, and managing talent through the business. Jacqui spent the following 7 years working for a leading Negotiation skills provider running programmes for a large range of companies and industries- including the Government of Bermuda!

For the past 5 years Jacqui has pursued her interest in Coaching and Development working with clients to improve skills in communication, building rapport and engaging others, and helping to create longer term strategies to develop and manage talent through an organisation. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Coaching and is a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP. Outside of this, Jacqui too is a fitness nut with an ungainly running style likened to that of a giraffe!

Earl Lynch

Business Coach, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

“Once met, never forgotten” – Earl has a larger than life personality and is guaranteed to create an impact. His energetic and empathetic facilitation style reaches the audience on an intellectual and emotional level, creating a long lasting positive learning experience.

Since 1998 Earl has had major involvements in the design, roll out and delivery of Microsoft's worldwide sales process (MSSP), as well as many other premier global Microsoft Sales Programmes. Previous to this Earl was lead facilitator, firstly for the European on-boarding programme for new hires to the Microsoft Corporation and then the global programme. This involved hosting the first 2 days of what used to be a 20 day experience each month in Redmond, Seattle. This culminated in Earl winning prestigious trainer recognition award from Microsoft in 2009.

Earl's training and delivery style is very engaging, significantly memorable and highly business relevant, his passion lies in the delivery of outstanding learning and development programmes, conferences and events. Earl truly makes a difference to the people who invest their time and energy to attend his workshops, conferences and events.

Earl previously worked in the Housing Sector in Management Services, for Normid Housing and was instrumental in the merger of Normid with what later became Touchstone Housing in the West Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Leicestershire regions. Earl later progressed onto leading the Human Resources and Employment Development Division for Touchstone.

Earl had a 3 year spell in the music industry as being a professional musician, attaining a number one single in the UK reggae charts, as well as a number one single in the Spanish National charts. Earl is an HRD specialist, with a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development. He was Training and Development Manager in Touchstone Housing, overseeing the Total Quality Management programme for the entire company. That’s not to mention 24 years’ experience as a basketball coach!

Contact the Clarity office to speak to Earl about Leading Unstoppable Teams, Personal Effectiveness Programme, Conference Facilitation and one to one Business Coaching.

Rob Taylor

Business Coach, Facilitator & Talent Development Coach

Rob is a founder member of the Clarity team and a trusted adviser and business coach to many clients. His strength lies in his ability to ask the right questions and facilitate change in individuals and their teams. Rob believes in and demonstrates authentic leadership, enabling others to become better communicators and, in turn, more successful managers.

His role as a Business Coach takes him all over the world, working with different cultures and business sectors. He has enjoyed particular success within the pharmaceutical industry - this has grown organically through professional recommendation rather than a particular preference; Rob will be the first to agree that the challenges faced by leaders transcends industries and he is equally at home working in telcom, IT and retail.

Rob is a dynamic, energetic and inspirational speaker, frequently facilitating team meetings for our clients and getting results where stagnation and frustration once lie. He is a highly creative and intuitive individual who traded a music career for a career in performance coaching, training and presenting 20 years ago and has never looked back. Previous roles have included presenting a motor sport programme on the Discovery Channel and facilitating global conferences.

He has a personal interest in developing his skills psychotherapy and NLP, which brings enormous benefit to the business clients that he coaches.

Rob lives with his partner Rachel, supporting her successful Pilates business, and their daughter.

Contact the Clarity office to speak to Rob about Mindset of an Owner, Leading Unstoppable Teams, Personal Effectiveness Programme, meeting facilitation and one to one business skills coaching.

Sarah Perugia

Business Coach, Facilitator & Talent Development Coach

Sarah specialises in helping women make an impact at work - whether it is presenting with passion, influencing effectively in meetings or making the best use of networking opportunities.

She specialises in non-verbal communication and mind management, so that her clients look and feel calm and confident no matter what challenges they face. She is an Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and Communication Skills Trainer. She also a trained professional actor, with 15 years experience of adapting the 'actor's toolbox' to help people in corporate sector.

Sarah has worked in a wide range of organisations including, Grant Thornton, Royal Bank of Scotland, Merck Serono, AstraZeneca, AXA PPP and Bank of England.