• 09.00 Meet & coffee
  • 09.30 Exploring conflict
  • 10.00 Effective behaviours underpinning conflict resolution
  • 11.00 Building rapport
  • 12.00 Objective setting
  • 12.45 Lunch
  • 13.30 Preparing for successful outcomes
  • 14.30 Making compelling proposals
  • 15.15 Group negotiation exercise
  • 17.00 Plenary and action planning
  • 17.30 Close

Conflict Resolution

The Great House, Sonning, RG4 6UT

A one day workshop to improve your negotiation skills

Conflict Resolution is a 1 day workshop that will provide you with the fundamentals of the negotiation process and the behaviours that will help you resolve conflict more effectively.

We all have to deal with conflict when the interests, needs and goals of the people or organisations that we interact with are different to ours. Changing priorities, disruption caused by external factors or simply dealing with people that say “no” to what we want will inevitably lead to conflict.

Being able to resolve these situations effectively and find mutually acceptable solutions is invaluable. Understanding the process of negotiation and when it is most appropriate to negotiate will help you do this.

This highly interactive workshop will enable you to understand the different ways to resolve conflict, the behaviours that support eff ective conflict resolution and importantly, help you to develop your negotiating toolbox. By focussing on how to plan and prepare for a negotiation, make compelling proposals and manage the process, you will be more able to drive positive outcomes in all aspects of communication.

Booking Information

₤595 +VAT per delegate. To book your place, email lorraine.grace@clarityleadership.co.uk or

Jacqui Smith

Business Coach, Facilitator & Talent Development Coach

Jacqui is an engaging, creative coach and experienced trainer. She combines 16 years of sound commercial experience with a passion for both developing individuals and helping them to consistently achieve fulfilling results. Jacqui first worked as a Management Consultant before joining Unilever. She specialised in employee relations, union negotiations, training and development, and managing talent through the business. Jacqui spent the following 7 years working for a leading Negotiation skills provider running programmes for a large range of companies and industries- including the Government of Bermuda!

For the past 5 years Jacqui has pursued her interest in Coaching and Development working with clients to improve skills in communication, building rapport and engaging others, and helping to create longer term strategies to develop and manage talent through an organisation. She holds an Advanced Certificate in Coaching and is a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP. Outside of this, Jacqui too is a fitness nut with an ungainly running style likened to that of a giraffe!