• 09.30 Meet & Coffee
  • 10.00 The influence of storytelling in business
  • 10.30 Authentic storytelling
  • 11.00 The value of non verbal skills
  • 12.30 Lunch and Building your Network
  • 13.30 Rapport Building
  • 14.30 Practical storytelling
  • 16.30 Action Planning
  • 17.00 Close

Storytelling in Leadership

Dorney Lake, Windsor, SL4 6QP

A one-day workshop to improve your influence and rapport

We have all listened to leaders, friends or mentors who speak in a way that is memorable and motivating. What is it that sets those speakers apart – makes us want to change our minds, or alter our behaviour, follow them or even vote for them?

There are of course many reasons, sincerity, gravitas and intelligence being vital components. What we may not notice however is that nine times out of ten these inspirational leaders are using storytelling and rhetoric to connect with us.

Why are these communication tools so powerful?

Almost everything we learnt as children was taught to us in the form of a story or anecdote through books, family tales, TV, movies, plays, puppet shows and even narrative song. When a speaker in adult life connects with us in this way, it speaks to our unconscious minds and makes the message memorable, relaxes us because it fi ts familiar neural pathways, it enhances understanding quickly and easily, creates emotional connection/rapport between teller and listener it enables the speaker to bypass our bias and fi nally of course create buy-in to vision, strategy or call to action.

How would it enhance your leadership skills to have this toolbox at your fingertips?

Sarah’s unusual combination of Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and professional actor give her a unique insight and will make this a really powerful learning experience. You will learn in a safe informal space where you are able to have fun and learn quickly in a lighthearted way.

This day will be pragmatic, practical and interactive – you will leave with a clear action plan as to how you can use storytelling and rhetoric to enhance your personal impact, influencing and presentation skills.

Booking Information

£595 + VAT per delegate. To book your place, email hello@clarityleadership.co.uk or

Sarah Perugia

Business Coach, Facilitator & Talent Development Coach

Sarah specialises in helping women make an impact at work - whether it is presenting with passion, influencing effectively in meetings or making the best use of networking opportunities.

She specialises in non-verbal communication and mind management, so that her clients look and feel calm and confident no matter what challenges they face. She is an Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and Communication Skills Trainer. She also a trained professional actor, with 15 years experience of adapting the 'actor's toolbox' to help people in corporate sector.

Sarah has worked in a wide range of organisations including, Grant Thornton, Royal Bank of Scotland, Merck Serono, AstraZeneca, AXA PPP and Bank of England.