Unstoppable Teams

Unstoppable Teams

The Unstoppable Teams Programme ® is a phased, tailored programme combining executive team workshops and 1:1 coaching. It follows a proven process to deliver increased business performance and delivers sustained results when it becomes an integral part of your regular departmental meeting schedule.

The key objective is to help you to deliver your business goals and enable you and your team to get the right job done more efficiently - achieving more outstanding results. Team meetings become more efficient, mediocrity is unacceptable and all team members are held to account.

Absolute clarity for leader and team on what the team needs to achieve and why - and a clear plan of how they will get there.

Mindset of an Owner

Teams that encourage a personal ownership mindset, where ideas are encouraged and initiative is commended, are more likely to be successful than those that don’t. An environment in which people are encouraged to proactively share ideas, act on their own and be personally accountable for their actions, supports growth of the individual, the team and the organisation.

Run over one or two days, this programme enables the team to think and act like business owners and challenges the leader and the team to have confidence in their own abilities, a transparent leadership style and clear communication of expectations.

Empower individuals and teams to take a more creative, productive and accountable approach within an organisation.